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Pigeon Express is directed towards providing courier services to the customers on an autonomous key-to-key basis and not serving as an agent or representative of any organization. Such services cannot be interpreted in any mode as being the service provided or made obtainable by another organization. Pigeon Express shall not be accountable in any way for whichever loss, damage, costs, charges, directly or indirectly, accrued or suffered by the customers or any other individual consequential to or as a resultant of or in relation to the services availed by the customers.

Owing to the nature of courier flights as well as selling information, Pigeon Express asks you to read all of the following information prior to joining to availing our services, as we would not refund any membership fees due to a misunderstanding of our service. If you do not comprehend something about our services, e-mail all questions to Pigeon Express .

Pigeon Express has made every attempt to assure the accurateness and entirety of this website, we presume no responsibility for inaccuracies, omissions, errors, or inconsistencies that may emerge. Pigeon Express is not affianced in providing legal or any sort of professional advice. In case, legal or other professional advice is required, a competent professional should be consulted. Pigeon Express is not accountable beyond the price of membership with regard to any damage or loss caused, or alleged to occur, directly or indirectly, due to the information contained herein.

All services and products offered are at Pigeon Express are subject to change without any prior notification. All rights reserved with Pigeon Express . Our rates are highly competitive and attractive to cater your diversified needs. The quotation for the same is attached herewith, so that you get the best services with nominal rates.

The information, contents, names, images, etc. may be changed, updated, modified and/or improved from time to time without any notice. Any issues arising from under performance or non-performance of the duties or activities, that hampers or subjugates the business processes of clients or individuals, the same can be counseled by the laws of India and only the Courts in New Delhi only.

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