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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I need assistance on a package sent through Pigeon Express ?

    To get assistance related to package sent through Pigeon Express, feel free to contact us. Our executives would get back to you within a short span of time for further assistance.

  2. How can I track my packages that I have sent through Pigeon Express?

    Pigeon Express has made a provision of an Online Tracking System to enable you access real time status of your consignments.

  3. Which are the towns and cities I can send my package to through Pigeon Express?

    Pigeon Express delivers to numerous cities and towns covering a wider range of area expanse. To know more about the location where you could send your package, feel free to contact us.

  4. How much would it cost me to send a package?

    The pricing structure presented at Pigeon Express is extremely competitive so that a wide range of customer can benefit from it. Feel free to contact us to know more about the cost to send your package to a desired destination.

  5. What information does Pigeon Express capture on its web site visitors?

    Pigeon Express collects information from its visitors that can facilitate us to service your particular requests in an appropriate manner. We employ cookies to track your browsing interest, so that it equips us to understand your need better. Disabling the cookie would require submitting the same information each time you visit our website, and place your request.

  6. How does Pigeon Express use the information?

    The information collated by Pigeon Express is solely used to serve your particular requests in the best possible. Pigeon Express may share your information with its associated third parties primarily to cater your interests.

  7. Who do I contact with questions about shipments and pick-up requests that I've made via Pigeon Express?

    Contact us with the details of the air waybill number at hand, so that we can serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible pertaining to your questions.

  8. When would my shipment arrive?

    Pigeon Express is directed to deliver you shipment at the earliest in accordance to the distance of the desired destination. To facilitate to track the shipment, make use of the Online Track System offered on our website.

  9. What methods of payment can I use to deal with Pigeon Express?

    Pigeon Express encourages regular clients to open an online account, and avail our services at negotiated prices. Regular clients can avail the opportunity to access monthly invoice that would be paid on monthly basis. However, the occasional clients can make payments through cash or via cheque as per their convenience.

  10. How do I request credit for a Pigeon Express Time Definite Delivery that was not delivered by the specified time?

    In the not likely event of a Time Definite Delivery missing its scheduled delivery due to any fault of Pigeon Express, you should contact your local customer service department who would arrange for a credit.

  11. How do I report a loss/damage claim for a Pigeon Express shipment that failed to arrive, or was damaged?

    If your shipment failed to arrive, it is vital that you contact customer service with an exact description of the goods and their packaging. Our 'found shipment centres' hold on to items that were not well addressed or that became detached from their packaging. It is possible that they would be able to reunite you with your shipment. If this fails, please contact customer service to file a report.

  12. I am going to buy some products from a vendor that uses Pigeon Express to ship. Would I have to pay import duty on the items I purchase?

    This is a matter that you will have to discuss with the vendor. It depends on the type of commodity you are purchasing, the value of the goods, how the vendor labels them for customs purposes and from what country you are importing them. If customs imposes a charge Pigeon Express will pay this at first instance, but you are advised to pay this, whether or not you accept delivery of the goods.

  13. I wish to contact Pigeon Express office?

    Pigeon Express office has a dedicated customer service number, we try to bring you that number on our web site and we will continue to extend this feature.

  14. Would the information collated at Pigeon Express kept secure and confidential?

    Yes. All the information collated at Pigeon Express is kept secure and confidential. This information is solely used for serving your specific requests.

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