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Partner with Us

Pigeon Express would be delightful to associate with prospective partners to enable us expand our range of express services. We understand that to survive in the competitive marketing world, one requires adapting to the changing trends. In view of this need, we constantly make modifications and changes to our services so that it can meet the demanding needs of your customers. To be able to make our services far more reachable, we also associate with numerous third parties merely to enhance scope of services so that our customer can gain the maximum benefits them, and develop a long-term relationship.

If you would like to partner with us, and associate with our vision and business objectives, then feel free to contact us now!

Send in your business details and the how can you facilitate expansion of our express services to the best benefit of our customers. Soon after, the details are scanned; our office executive would get back to further make arrangement to materialize your partnership with us. To partner with us would not only be rewarding for your business but also facilitate you to get an upper edge in the market, and add to your credentials.

It is strongly recommended to carefully read and understand the vision and mission of Pigeon Express, before embarking to partner with us. Make a thorough scan through the enlisted objectives as well as the products and services offered on our website. This would benefit you to understand the mechanisms of the governance of Pigeon Express. In case, you consider them to be in compliance to your business objectives as well as products and services offered by your company contact us to proceed to partner with us.

Subsequent to furnishing partnership with us, your company would be liable to the similar rules and regulations as liable to the regular organizational setup of Pigeon Express. It is also advised to read the terms and conditions of the agreements of the affiliates of Pigeon Express.

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