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Products and Services

Pigeon Express offers numerous products and services that cater numerous courier needs of customers. These products and services are not solely meant for individuals but can also be benefited by small businesses and corporate.

For your ease, Two Way Express has grouped its products and services under following categories:

Priority Express

Under the priority express service, we offer rapid movement and delivery of bulk packets, parcels and consignments within 24-hrs of pick-up. The details of which can be tracked through our Online Tracking System. The service is ideally designed taking into consideration time sensitivity and urgency factor of clients into primal consideration.

Corporate Express

Corporate Express refers to the services wherein the packets would be collected and delivered on the next business day. These services are further classified as:

  • Before the banking hours
  • After banking hours
On client's preference, they can opt for any of these two classifications for dispatch. The details of these services would be updated on our website by the end of the day.

Messenger Express

The messenger express service can also be interpreted as a value added services that is carried out to maintain the database and handle back end services via our hi-tech Call Center . This service would comprise processing the RTO for alternate addresses at our Call Center .

Value added Express

We offer numerous value added express services for the convenience of our customers. These services are inclusive of bill delivery each month for a service provider to facilitate maintenance of cordial relationships for a corporate. These services are also beneficial in keeping a database for a customer, and assisting corporate to send Birthday cards or other greetings.

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