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Pigeon Express came into being at the time when India 's courier scenario was making a slow upward movement. The cardinal aim of the company at this juncture was to revolutionize the intercity in comparison to the other intercity couriers. We adopted turnkey courier solutions so that you have your shipment or package dispatched at the desired destination within a short span of time.

Following our vision sincerely, today we have established ourselves on three basic pedestals, viz,  

  • Bulk Deliveries
  • Pan India Intercity Bulk Break System
  • Extremely Subsidized POD

At Pigeon Express, our holistic aim is to achieve speed and efficiency is made possible with the expandable network spread across Delhi/NCR, besides, other metropolitan cities and cosmopolitan towns. Our state of the art Online Tracking System allows customer/clientele inventory to track your shipment or package until it reaches the desired destination.

With over 135 strategically located delivery centers pan India , working 24*7 operational hubs, Pigeon Express is a professionally managed company taking quantified leads to completion.

Vision Statement

The vision of Pigeon Express is to provide optimum courier solutions to our clients. We are engineered to make improvement and understand your express needs. Each day we handle over 1,20,000 deliveries and consummate the task through our independent and resourceful infrastructure, designed effectively to handle DOCs delivery, pan India .

We at Pigeon Express ensure completely ensure foolproof end-to-end delivery of units and provide clients with customized solution packages so that they simply concentrate on their core business activities.

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